Keeler PSL Classic Portable
Excellence in optics, versatility and portability are key benefits of the Keeler PSL Classic
Keeler designed and manufactured with the strength to withstand the daily traumas of the demanding ophthalmic environment, the PSL is lightweight, durable and robust.

Unique features such as the fixation targets, and the 1mm square light patch for assessing a/c flare set the new standard for Portable Slit Lamps.

Domiciliary demands : perfect for visiting the elderly and the infirm where dry eye and lid and skin concerns are in commonplace.

Little and large : ideal for the smaller younger patients and those of a more portly demeanour where a conventional Slit Lamp is totally impractical or impossible to use.

The busy practice : The PSL is so versatile it can be used for emergencies, mobility challenges to make assessments when clinics or rooms are fully booked.

Image is everything : Go digital and use your I Phone 4 to capture video or still images - simply attach the adapter, slide in your phone and you have a digital hand-held Slit Lamp. Click on the link below for details.

Slit and filter system  
Slit type Rotating Slit wheel selection Slit Lamp
Slit length 1 2mm
Slit widths 0.15mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1.6mmslits,12mm circle and a  1mm square
Filters Red free, Blue, Neutral density  0.8 and Clear
 IR protection Inbuilt IR cut filter
Slit angle     +/– 60º
Illumination control Continuously variable from low to full   brightness
Fixation targets LED system, double click of trigger
Power supply unit Switch mode, (110V – 240V) +/– 10% multi-plug
 Power supply output 30VA (12V DC 2.5A)
Biomicroscope Type Binocular Hand held Biomicroscope Slit Lamp
 Optics Converging binoculars at 13º
Magnification 10x and 16x lever change (PSL Classic)
Objective lens working Distance @10x 16mm

Keeler PSL Classic Portable