Auto Lens Edger
This new model LE-310 is the first model that uses waterproof keyboard, LE-310 is equipped with GL & CR wheels and automatically computerizes the transformation of the water spring( PC wheel is available upon request, the model # is LE-310 (P)).The stable quality assures the size of lens (left and right) is uniform and improves the precision of working.

Working model: Automatic work with pattern
Wheel configuration GL wheel; CR wheel; V grove
wheel; Flat Polishing wheel
Available lens range: 18-75mm
Rang of adjustable measurement:- 6.0mm~+6.0mm (STEP0.05mm)
Voltage: AC220V/110V    50/60Hz
Power: 500W
Dimension: 530(L)*488(W)*400(H) mm
With water tank, water pump and working table
51KG ( Main Body)

Auto Lens Edger
Auto Lens Edger