Sonoptek SP-1000A
Compact Body, Light Weight. Friendly LCD Touch Screen.
Multiple IOL Power Calculation.. Capable of Connecting to PC.

Scan Modes:                                    Direct Contact/Immersion
 5 Examination Modes: Cataract Dense Cataract Aphakic Pseudophakic (5 settings) 4-Gate Manual
Measurements:   • ACD, Lens, Vitreous, Axial, Average Axial, Standard Deviation • Individual Zone Velocities • Measure Review • Auto-Calibration
Specifications: • Electrical Accuracy: ±0.023mm • Lens Calculations in 0.25D
10 Lens data base
Formulas:  Binkhorst Regression-II Theoretic/T Holladay Hoffer-Q Haigis
A-Scan Probe Styles:  Standard A-Scan Probe for Hand-Held, Immersion
Specifications: 04 05  10MHz Frequency Probe Axial Length: 14.0-46.0mm
Clinical Accuracy: ±0.1mm       Range: 125-1000 Microns • Clinical Accuracy: ±5 Microns • Electronic Accuracy: ±1 Microns •       
Measurements:    Adjustable Corneal Velocity • Automatic Sensing Algorithm  Measure Review
 64 Scans Averaged with Standard Deviation • Internal Accuracy Test • Auto Calibration
  Build-in Thermal Printer

Sonoptek SP-1000A