Pulsair Intellipuff Technical Specification
Pulsair IntelliPuff brings versatility and value to non-contact Tonometer; wall mounted or desk mounted the lightweight hand held optical mainframe allows the clinician to measure all patients with equal comfort and respect. The flexibility of use and space saving makes this instrument virtually unbeatable for performance and value.

Hand held and wall mounted

Being hand held, the Pulsair intelliPuff avoids the need to position the patient in a chinrest removing an entire process from the patient journey – fast and easy to use while the patient is already seated in an examination chair, space and time under control.

Engineering and design excellence

Pump, solenoid control valves, plenum chamber and optical mainframe are all designed to function optimally leading to efficient and fast measurement. LED illumination provides a constant and reliable light source for the alignment camera and the positional detection systems. Quietly cost effective, the Pulsair tonometers require no sterile consumables, printing is under your control so ongoing costs are managed.
Calibrated Range 5mmHg to 50mmHg
Measurement Scale mmHg(millimeters of mercury)
Displayed Accuracy 0.1mmHg
Displayed 4 Character dot matrix scrolling
Firing system Automatic and objective
Illumination System LED infra red
Working Distance 20mm
Mounting System Table/desktop/wall
Base Unit Dimensions 260 x 215 x 220mm(HxDxW)
Base Unit Weight 2.465Kg
Hand piece dimensions 315x150x46mm (HxDxW)
Hand piece Weight 0.890Kg
Umbilical cord length 2.0m
Printer Thermal line printer

Non Contact Tonometer
Pulsair Intellipuff Technical Specification