Auto-Perimeter APS-6000BER
Technical Specifications

Stimulus Type LED
Stimulator Screen Hemispherical bowl, radius 30cm integrated
Stimulus source Light Emitting diode
Stimulus Size Goldman III
Stimulus Intensity ≤10000asb
Stimulus Duration Adjustable 0.2 to 2 Seconds
Stimulus color Yellow; Red
Stimulus step TOTAL 27, STEP 1
Minimum Inter-stimulus
 Adjustable 0.2 to 2 seconds
Background Illumination 4 asb
Lens Holder diameter 35mm (optional)
Stimulus Points 144(0-60D),72 (0-30D), 61(0-10D red), 114 (Blind spot)
Chin-rest moving ranging Vertical 70mm, horizontal 90m
Fixation Method Automatic monitoring with two options.
Available blind spot method, Eye tracking method.
In both methods, fixation errors are to be immediately announced by visual and audible warnings.
The standard video camera should provide visual of the patient’s eye for additional monitoring.
Test Range Default test (0-60D), Yellow spot test (central 0-10D), Central 0-30D test, Quadrant test, Peripheral test (60-90D), Blind spot test, Custom Test